Hola from Veracruz, Mexico

This is a first for me,.so bare with this newby .

Having retired to Mexico about 10 years ago, I find this is a great way to stay connected to “the other side”, and be able to share some of my new life.

Casa De La Luz is the name of my home and guest house. With an apartment and 2 rooms for rent to mostly Americans and some Mexicans and Europeans.

Today it seems the rains have started, which means the temps have dropped to a very reasonable 75* The garden is loving it. The cats are sad to be indoors, and I am a happy camper, no more 95* temps….lets hope.

Rains are letting up, and I have errands to take care of……


4 responses to “Hola from Veracruz, Mexico

  1. Hi Bill,

    Congratulations on your new blog. Looks great. Love the pictures of the river.
    I met Bill Panndolf in San Francisco in the 1970’s when I bought lighting fixtures from him for interior design projects that I was doing.

    I did not see him again until about 2000 when he walked into my house in Oaxaca, Mexico. A mutual friend of ours had brought him along for dinner. And there he was again. Bill de la Luz (Bill of the lights).

    I found his current house for him in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, Mexico. Took him to Tlacotalpan and he bought the house within a few weeks. It is a great place. Everyone will love it. It is one of the most interesting and un-spoiled areas of Mexico. While visiting Bill be sure and go about 1/2 hour south to Las Tuxtlas. Mountains, rain forest, bucolic cow pastures, incredible black volcanic sand beaches (especially Las Almendras).

    Bill is a great host and everyone will have fun.

    I have four guesthouses. Two in Barcelona. They are called Casa de Billy Barcelona. One is on Gran Via and the other is on Rambla de Catalunya. I also have two guest houses in Mexico. One in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, about one hour and 45 minutes southwest of Mexico City and the other is 45 minutes north of Acapulco on the road to Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa. My website for Barcelona and Mexico is: http://www.casabillybarcelona.com

    I wish Bill the very best with his blog. and with his beautiful Casa de la Luz in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, Mexico.

    un abrazo,

  2. Hi Billy,

    Good to hear from you and all you are involved with…too much for me !
    Thanks for the comment, and >i look forward to jumping in with a few comments to you after your blog is up and running. Bill Pandolf

  3. My husband and i stayed at his casa for a month..what a wonderful time we had., and yes quite the host!!! We came back a month or so later and house sat for him while he ventured to the states. Our friends from Texas came while he was stateside, and enjoyed everything that Tlacotalpan has to offer, phus some. We took them to the falls, as Bill did for us, and made Catamaco, which was a destination that we would love to go back to. If in the area, this is a must!!!!
    We should have hooked up with your friend that has the guesthouses in Barcelona..didn’t realize you were soooo worldly…should have known..
    (this is fun)…..will give you plenty of advance notice before we come thru your way again, so that we can have the “top” floor apartment…we loved it…thanks…

  4. Hi my world traveling friends…HOUSE SITTING…what a way to travel.
    You forgot to mention your other traveling companion (the one with the 4 legs) ANDREW !He was such a good house guest here at the Casa.
    I bet you miss him. But he is enjoying the college life with your sons in Austin.
    Take care, and look forward to seeing you back in Mexico in the future. Bill.

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