Garden Orchids

Today I thought I would add a link to my WEBSHOTS album… a few pictures of my place.

I am getting the place ready for a renter from Palo Alto, Ca. She is here for a few days and on Monday, she is going horseback riding, and latter in the day, on a guided boat ride through the mangrove swamps. I think she will have a great time. Martin is her guide and he is always a lot of fun, but he hates to speak English, but understands it pretty well.

Some orchids are starting to bloom in the “jungle garden ” so I am posting a few pictures.

I New OrhcidsNew OrchidsI invite anyone who has stayed here at Casa De La Luz to add a post, I would like some feedback. thanks.

I think the next post will include more photos of Tlacotalpan.


2 responses to “Garden Orchids

  1. Great photos, Bill, as always! We sure enjoyed our stay with you and the trip to the small village in the highlands to the south to look for orchids. (What was the name of that place?) The orchids Ed bought that day are thriving and a number of them are in bloom. In fact there are always at least a few orchids flowering. When they do, Gregorio brings them down from our rooftop plant nursery and displays them in the patio so we can see them from the living room, which as you know, has a glass wall looking out onto the garden.

  2. Hi Hal,
    The name of the town, up in the Tuxtlas Mountains, was (EJIDO) RUIZ CORTINEZ .

    A couple of my orchids have bloomed, but I am not nearly enlightened as the two of you. I am just thrilled to see them green and alive in the garden. When I was at your place in Oaxaca last month, I could not believe all the BLOOMING ORCHIDS on your roof !LOL

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