Tuesday afternoon, Marni and I took a boat tour on the Papaloapan River. Tlacotalpan sits on the banks of this large river,as it meanders on its way to the Gulf of Mexico, at Alvardo, Veracruz. This river, in the old days, before the railroads came to Mexico, was a major deep water port for large sea-going vessels. They would come up the river to Tlacotalpan and load their cargo of sugar cane, cotton and cocoa, that was exported to Europe, The Caribbean and The United States.

On this sort of grey day we chanced upon a rancher herding his cattle across the river. Our guide ,Andres,Cattle CrossingCattle CrossingCattle CrossingCattle Crossing was kind enough to maneuver our boat closer for a few pictures. Here are a couple.


6 responses to “Boat Ride ON “EL RIO PAPALOAPAN”

  1. Hey Bill, what dramatic photos! Now I want to see some of the cowboys themselves! John and I had such a great time when we visited you in 2006. We loved staying in the upstairs apartment, which is so artfully painted and decorated and looks over your gorgeous, lush tropical garden. And what a guide you turned out to be, leading us on so many fascinating outings: lunches at the port and on the beach, the hike to the waterfalls, driving through the UNAM’s environmental preserve, visiting the orchid lady, dining in Tlaco’s lovely plaza, and, of course, drinking beers in the towns various watering holes! It was all just perfect. Can’t wait to return. John and I are planning to spend the summer of 09 in our home in Oaxaca, so I hope we can make a trip over to see you then.
    Un abrazo,

  2. Hi Ed and John,
    Great to hear from you. We had a great time and I look forward to more of the same. And I will be sure to see you and your new place when you guys get back to Oaxaca.
    I am slowly getting into the swing of the blog…poco a poco ! Hope to see you in Oaxaca soon.

  3. Maria & Richard

    My family and I stayed in your apartment in late June or early July 2005- 2 kids and a guero Mexican husband.
    The pictures are amazing. I remember you telling us about how the cattle are crossed in this way and now I can see pictures of the actual event! We tell everyone about Tlacotalpan and about your place and David’s business. I always think of him when DDT is mentioned because he informed us that it’s still being used in Mexico and it affects the bird population by weakening their egg shells.
    I have a nice picture of you and our family in front of your place. I’ll send it to you if you want to appeal to family’s with kids, but not if you don’t want any chivos traviesos around.
    Be well,

  4. Hola Maria,

    Its been a while ! I would love to have a copy of the picture. And for sure, kids are always welcome here at the Casa.
    A note about the cattle crossing the river: The adults, with the long horns, are prompted to enter the water first, then the youngsters, with the short horns will follow them…anywhere !The same happens with horses. I see cowboys on horseback with a colt running along side, without a rope attached. They never leave their mothers side.
    Here is my E-MAIL:
    It is good to hear from you and thank you for the kind words. Bill

  5. So fun to see photos de los vacos (como se de se ‘swimming’?) on your blog… That was an amazing boat ride! I was grateful to you for coming along and providing all of the family history in this town of splendor – and then to actually SEE the Rancheras moving their cattle across the river in this age old way of life! Remember los dos joven who turned around and started swimming away? We were even help herd los vacos up on to the bank! It was incredible!

  6. Hola Marni,

    Thanks for the comment. I had forgotten about the 2 youngsters trying to swim back the other way ! And the fact that ANDRES, are boat captain, turned the boat around to help herd the kids back in the right direction ! It was a great moment in a great day and a fun time with you. I really enjoyed your visit, it seemed like we were family right from the start.
    I have thanked Gary, in Oaxaca, for recommending Casa De La Luz to you. I hope time will bring you back to Tlacotalpan.

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