NOTE: Some dates in the following 3 posts may conflict with each other. I have found this in all my readings about this subject, and when a date becomes more clear, I will edit where appropriate. Thanks………………..

# I

Chapel or Sanctuary of The Vergin of Candlemas

” Capiela 0 Santuario De La Candelaria “


Tho not dedicated until the first part of the 19th century, this church was erected in 1779, to replace another destoryed by the fire of 1698.

The construction was begun with the donation, by Pedro de Midina y Rivadeneyda, in 1776 of the statue of OUR LADY OF CANDLEMAS..originating in Cataluña, Spain.

The architectural plan is that of a LATIN CROSS. The central dome and main vault were built of coral stone brought from Veracruz, by the builder Juan de Medina.

It is unique, as the interior walls, vaulting, dome, as well as the main alter housing the Virgin of Candelaria are painted in a faux finish, simulating marble and floral decoration.

NOTE: The exterior has been painted 4 different colors in the 5 years I have lived in Tlacotalpan.



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