# II

The Parish Church of Saint Christopher

” Templo Parroquial De San Cristobal


Also known as ” The Parrish Church “— as a church building, it is considered the most important in Tlacotalpan. It was one of the last works carried out by the VICE REGAL administration.

The construction began 1872, but work was suspended for 40 years, until, with the help of Miguel Zacarias Chazaro, it was restarted in 1849—” to give thanks that the invaders did not sack it with the rest of our nation “.

In neoclassical style and huge size, it was reconstructed under the supervision of the Mexican architect LOUIS ZAPARI, who reinforced the walls and closed the naive vaulting.

To finance the expenses, in 1851 the building was used for meetings, operettas, and other fund raising events. Then, Porfirio Diaz, acceding to a petition of the citizens, ordered the construction of THE NETZAHUALCOYOTL THEATER / OPERA HOUSE, and the re dedication of the church to the catholic faith.



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