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My Two Kilos Of Pot From Chiapas, Mexico


This week, at long last, my friends Duncan and Joy delivered my 2 kilos of pot from their place in San Cristobal, Chiapas Mexico. I had been freaking out…waiting and waiting ( you know how it is!? ) right ? The long wait had been a bummer, but at last I can just kick back and contemplate my new stash ! And as I am one to always share my stash…here are a few pictures.  I think you will see why I have such a silly grin on my face right now ! ( the last picture is not of me, of course ) !!! Its a picture of the young Mayan woman who created my pot…..

My 2 kilos of potMy 2 kilos of potGuarding my 2 kilos of pot !The artist/grower ? of my pot !!¨:¨:¨:¨:¨:¨:¨:¨:¨:¨:¨:¨