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Mis Gatos in Casa De La Luz /\/\/\ Tlacotalpan, Mexico

Miss “CHI-CHI” … 9 years old, and Sr. “CHAVO” … 7 years old, rode across Mexico from Oaxaca with me, in the back seat of the moving van, some five and a half years ago.

With all the toads/frogs, creepy-crawly bugs and birds everywhere they looked, ( the savannas start just a block and a half away from the casa),  they adapted to this new…HOT & HUMID climate (after cool Oaxaca) right away. Not like me…it took about a year.  I will admit that at first I thought I had made a big mistake. Arriving on July 4TH, the temps were in the high 90°s and the humidity was around 80%. Now it seems like I have always lived here.  And no fungus between my toes !!——yet.

CHI-CHI has had many suitors, but being spayed, will have nothing to do with them and sends them on their way whenever they dare to enter her territory. After all these years, she still only tolerates CHAVO being around !

As for CHAVO, being neutered, he gets out there and has his go at fighting with the interlopers, and holds his own, tho I am sure he doesn’t quite know why!!

Chavo loves one and all, as long as they have time to stop and say hello and give him a good rub. As for CHI-CHI, she would just as soon no one come close and will keep her distance, no matter who it is…even me most of the time.  So independent.

I am sure I have too many pictures of these guys, but if you are a cat person, you understand. Here are a few I am sharing today.


I forgot to mention, they do get bent out of shape when guests are traveling with their dogs..which are always welcome…but they have the jungle garden, and a few high places to perch if need be. And those dogs never stay for more than a few days. Well, except for ANDREW…he was here a couple months. They got used to each other ! I think !!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, and please share your thoughts.  ADIOS, Bill