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Parque Hidalgo~Talavera Tiles~Tlacotalpan, Veracruz–post 2


These 10 benches, adorned with hand made TALAVERA tiles , were a gift to the City of Tlacotalpan be the Presidente (mayor) , Sr. Francisco Novoa, in 1944.

They were originally installed along a pedestrian walk between the Zocalo (main town square) and a smaller square some 4 blocks away. When the walk was converted to be used by the auto, the benches were moved to their present location of PARQUE HIDALGO.

Each bench depicts a different scene of Tlacotalpan. They were designed and executed by the Mexican artist German Rogerio, in Puebla, Mexico. Puebla is famous for its Talavera Ware. Dishes, decorative items and tiles.

The initials JMP can also be found on the tiles, but no one knows what or who they stand for..

Here are some pictures of the benches, and the Talavera tiles


Parque Hidalgo~~~Tlacotalpan, Veracruz……post 1 of 2 posts

This statue [circa: 1907] is of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla ( 1753-1811 )…….

Considered the foremost patriot of Mexican Independence, he is called “del PADRE de la PATRIA ” ( father of the homeland ).

This Mexican revolutionary priest-on September 15TH, 1810-delivered an impassioned speech, the GRITO de DOLORES. And to this day, the ” GRITO ” is delivered to the gathered masses on September 15TH, in every city & village, large & small, throughout Mexico.  Hence the name -PARQUE HIDALGO–HIDALGO PARK.