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Casa De La Luz/Casa De Huespedes

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Studio apartment The 2nd floor studio has direct access from the street, through the garden. It sleeps up to 5 people –2 double beds and a single “roll away” bed . Air conditioning, WIFI, cable TV Advertisements

More Orchids-Casa De La Luz / Tropical Garden

OrchidsOrchidsOrchidsOrchidsOrchidsOrchidsOrchidsI have pulled together a few more pictures of orchids in the garden. they don´t all bloom at the same time, so these photos are from over a several month period. These are all(but one) native orchids to the Tuxtla Mountains, in the state of Veracruz. The Tuxtlas are located about 50 miles south of Tlacotalpan. They are a series of extinct volcanoes. It rains there almost every day, all year. An amazingly lush environment. Hope you enjoy the photos.