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Casa De La Luz/Casa De Huespedes

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Studio apartment The 2nd floor studio has direct access from the street, through the garden. It sleeps up to 5 people –2 double beds and a single “roll away” bed . Air conditioning, WIFI, cable TV

Hotel Casa De La Luz / Casa De Huespedes

We have a newly remolded room at Hotel Casa De La Luz/Casa De Huespedes in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz.

With pending rentals in a week, we had a crew come in and work from 7am to /7pm for 5 days. And believe it or not…we completed the task on time! No small feat here in Mexico.

Here are a couple pictures of the finished room:

” Stormy Sunrise ” from Imagekind


A new up-load to my “NaturesBounty ” Imagekind gallery.






The  “SOTAVENTO” :  That  area of the Papaloapan River, and other rivers and their tributaries, covers an area of over 47,000 square miles.

Flowing down to the east from the volcanic highlands of the Mexican Plateau, originating from cold water springs, …on to  the MIGUEL ALEMAN DAM, in the state of OAXACA, constructed to prevent disastrous flooding and to generate power, the river meanders down to the GULF of MEXICO; creating an ecosystem that is one of the largest and most bio-diverse in North America.

With TLACOTALPAN situated on the banks of the Papaloapan River, we at the CASA are in a unique position to offer easy, close access to this abundant and diverse natural habitat.

With its MANGROVE SWAMPS, LAKES, and connecting, SHALLOW WATERWAYS, this is a nature lovers paradise. All located within  10 minutes of  TLACOTALPAN and the CASA.

Whether you chose a walking or boating tour of birdwatching, or a tour by horseback and /or  boating  through the mangroves,  there is gurentered to be a rewarding, visual experience for the whole family.


For the passionate birder, there is a knowledgeable guide, DAVID McCAULEY, who makes his home here in TLACOTALPAN. He can arrange walking and/or boating excursions for the enthusiast or armature alike. And his packaged tours of the FALL HAWK MIGRATION are unparalleled.

Here at the CASA, we can put you in touch with DAVID for birding tours, and with other knowledgeable guides who live in the area, for tours on horseback, and by boat through the MANGROVES and LAKES. If you wish to contact David McCuley direct, GOOGLE “birdingveracruz” and you will be directed to his website and contact information.

These excursions can last from 2 to 4 hours. The horses are genial and the boat rides are smooth—without the noise of a motor that would otherwise scare the birds and animals.


Here are some pictures taken by a guest at Casa De La Luz…MARNI…from Northern California. She and I also took a boat ride on the Papaloapan River one afternoon and came upon a rancher moving his herd of cattle ( swimming ) across the river. There are pictures of this event in an earlier post on this blog.

MARNIES’ guides’ name is MARTIN. He understands English, having worked in the states for a few years, but, alas, refuses to speak it ! But he and his 4 brothers and 2 sisters grew up on a RANCHO next to this wonderful ecosystem and he knows almost everything about its’ plants & animals and its’ secretes.


Getting ready for the ride

Getting ready for the ride



Not so wild

Not so wild

Casa De La Luz~Vacation Rental~Casa De Huespedes~Tlacotalpan


Welcome to casadelaluz…My home and vacation rental property in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz Mexico. In Spanish: Casa De Huespedes.


This is Bill Pandolf..( billdelaluz ..in my photography work )..A retired American, and your host here at the Casa.

Having lived in Mexico for over 10 years, and over 5 years here in Tlacotalpan, I try to bring together the colors and style of Mexican Gulf Coast living, with the amenities and personal service enjoyed by the seasoned traveler.


Casadelaluz is located in the small port/fishing village of Tlacotalpan, on the banks of the Papaloapan River, 15 kilometers from the Gulf of Mexico. And 80 kilometers south of the Port of Veracruz.  You can read more about the history of this once thriving port and what brings it into the 21 century as a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE in another posting on this blog.

You will also find links on this blog to the casadelaluz-mexico website, and photo tours of the Casa and Tlacotalpan in ” flicker ” and “webshots “. Just click on the links and then use your back button to return to this blog page.


Rentals :

Casadelaluz has a fully furnished apartment on the second floor, with a screened patio, overlooking a tropical garden. Including a full kitchen with pots & pans, glassware, plates, and utensils.-A microwave, blender, and a toaster, among other things. The all-tiled bath has a glass block wall to allow in plenty of natural light. The main room has an antique French wardrobe, table and six chairs, two double beds, satellite TV, a ceiling fan, floor fan, and original paintings on the walls. Looking through the three sets of all-glass French doors, you see the patio with wicker chairs, and a marble topped table—the perfect place to sit and observe the many birds in the garden while having a morning cup of coffee, or an afternoon of reading and planning the next days activities.  And if you are up early in the morning, watching the beautiful Tlacotalpan sunrise above the coconut palms swaying in the distance.

The Casa also has a large room, with private bath, two single beds, satellite TV, and a ceiling fan. There is also a set of French doors and floor to ceiling window, looking on to a small screened patio next to the garden. There are two chairs and a table on the patio where you can sit and enjoy your morning coffee, which is provided by the Casa.

The Casa has a second, smaller room with a double bed, no TV, a floor fan and the bathroom is shared with me. This room also has French doors opening onto the screened garden patio, where you will find coffee in the mornings. All three units come with AIR CONDITIONING and they have street access through the garden.


During my five plus years of living here in Tlacotalpan, I have done some research on the history of the town and the surrounding area, and offer a walking / orientation tour of the town. Starting in the Zocalo, pointing out good places to eat, where to hire a boat to view the town from the river, as well as other points of interest such as museums, the opera house, the central market and a well stocked grocery store. And, oh yes, lets not forget the cantina where the famous Tlacotalpaño, Agustin Lara used to drink and regale his friends. I am also happy to arrange ECO tours on horseback, and boating tours of the Mangrove swamps and waterways, where you will see many birds, plants and wild animals. I can also help you plan day trips to the Tuxtlas Mountain towns of Santiago, and San Andres…and on to the Lake town of Catemaco…a lake formed in the creator of an extinct volcano. There is also a day trip to the beach town on Monte Pio.


As fishing is a major occupation here, the seafood from the Gulf and the River is fresh and abundant. Many kinds of fish, blue crab, and shrimp…it doesn’t get much better.


With bicycles and horseback being predominant forms of transportation, you will experience the friendly, outgoing, and always willing to stop and talk, attitudes of the people of the slow paced and beautiful Caribbean style town.

Tlacotalpan and CasaDeLaLuz is the place to come for a family holiday, a couples getaway, and a nature lovers dream come true. A place where artists and writers can come to let their creativity flow.


I am always willing to answer any questions you might have and can be contacted through E-MAIL by going to the casadelaluz website and clicking on the link provided.  Come and visit …    ” LET YOUR STRESS DOWN “.